Puppy Information

Puppy Proofing Your Home and Yard

Puppies learn by putting everything in their mouth, if it is dangerous for a child then it is dangerous for a puppy. Here are some suggestions to making sure your home and yard are safe for your puppy.

Make sure all poisonous items are put away from puppy's reach such as household cleaners, bleach, mothballs, laundry detergents, insecticides, antifreeze, roach, ant and rat poisons, etc. All these can be fatal to your puppy or dog. Check to see if your plants are toxic to animals. Some common house plants can be toxic even ones that are in your yard can be dangerous to your pets. Go to, ASPCA to get more info on toxins and poisons. ASPCA says that they are the best resource in North America for any animal poison related emergency, Animal Poison Control Center it is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

An ex-pen (exercise pen) or baby gate will provide you a way to help keep your puppy safe, and will keep it from getting underfoot when you're not able to watch it. All wiring and cords should be put out of reach, behind furniture were puppy can't get to them. Be sure puppy can't crawl underneath furniture as well to get to the cords. Another way would be to encase them in hard rubber or plastic tubes. Your puppy can chew through an electric cord and could get shocked, even die from it.

Anything that is small enough that the puppy can swallow, even bits of paper should be removed, and also remember to keep breakables out of reach.

PLEASE BE AWARE: Bigger dogs, foxes, coyotes, wolves and even birds of prey have killed or carried off small dog breeds, especially little puppies and small breeds.

Also there is a page you can go to with a good vitamin supplement to help keep your best friend healthy.

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