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Pet Contract

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Guarantee eligibility with the following: GUARANTEE IS NULL AND VOID regarding the listings below if contract is not signed.

An examination given by a licensed veterinarian under the care of High ’N Yorkies/Elaine Schneider for any puppy/adult, will be good for 1 year from date of exam. If you still require an exam it will be an additional fee of $48.00. However buyer is required to take puppy/dog to a licensed veterinarian within 72 business hours upon taking possession of said dog.

• Pricing:
Many show breeders will charge anywhere from $3000.00 to $4500.00 on an average for pet puppies, no breeding rights and priced higher for show potentials. We do not sell many of our Yorkshires Terriers with breeding rights, so you may be receiving a higher (SHOW)quality puppy at pet price. This is why prices are subject to change at anytime, but at pet prices. However putting a holding fee on a PET puppy at a younger age guarantees the buyer’s puppy will remain the same price.
Their prices may change at 8, 12, 16 weeks old and again at 6 months, but usually not lower.

All puppies and adults must be neutered/spayed on pet contracts, and must have their microchip number on paperwork from licensed veterinarian for guarantee. More details about this are on the contract.

Guarantee IS NOT transferable to anyone other than original buyer/s unless High ’N agrees on this and has new owner sign a contract with us.  

 •     Some Yorkies may stress do to transporting, change of home or food & water, do to this they can experience minor problems such as diarrhea, Coccidiosis, car sickness, etc. which needs immediate care. If left untreated it can be life threatening. Breeder does not guarantee against conditions brought on by stress or environmental changes after leaving breeder's/seller’s care.

No guarantee for Hypoglycemia, (low blood sugar) new owner has been made aware about possibility, which needs to be treated immediately as well or it can be a major problem and puppy can die very quickly, if you are not aware of this condition, you can find the info here on the web site or info will be provide at time of purchase. Death or injury caused by Hypoglycemia is the sole responsibility of the new owner. Your puppy also should be checked by a vet for treatment if needed for any of these issues listed above. Please contact us if needing assistance or with questions. 

Breeder is not responsible for the following and not guaranteed: Distemper, Lepto, Parvo, Corona or any other viruses or diseases after 72 hours. The conditions listed need to be treated by a licensed veterinarian immediately. Purchaser understands the following problems are preventable, treatable & manageable by medication and or surgery and are not considered life threatening congenital defects. These include but not limited to: baby teeth retained, hearing or vision impairment, ears not standing, patella problems, (this can be from jumping on and off furniture) and can be treated with NuJoint Plus and is recommend, kennel cough, bronchitis, collapsed trachea, kidney/bladder infection or a thyroid issue. Puppy sold as a pet only no breeding right must show proof of neutered/spayed unless recommended by a vet not to do so for the dog's life at stake. More details on the contract regarding Yorkie’s alteration. 

Breeder/seller guarantees this puppy for 6 months from birth date, however if you keep the puppy on Supplement of NuVet Plus and NuJoint Plus, start this at 6 months old; these are optional but highly recommended. There will be a 3-year guarantee from DOB for any hereditary "life" threatening diseases. Must be of High 'N's breeding and proof of Yorkshire Terrier being on above supplements to be eligible for this guarantee. If puppy has MAJOR problems during guarantee period, seller should be notified IMMEDIATELY and BE INCLUDED IN DECISION MAKING PROCESS pertaining to the medical care for the pup, OR GUARANTEE IS NULL AND VOID. If puppy is found to have such a disease by your vet, a copy of the findings must be sent to breeder/seller to have High 'N's vet confirm before any action will be taken. Vet must also certify no signs of neglect. Also breeder/seller reserves the right to have puppy/dog checked by a vet of breeder’s/seller’s own choosing to see if that vet agrees with findings. If deemed to be at risk breeder's/seller's choice puppy can be returned at purchaser's expense for replacement or for another puppy of equal value and the original one kept, in both cases it will be when one comes available. Original price of puppy determined on case-by-case basis.

To get you started before puppy arrives please go to the Supplement NuVet page and be sure to use the order code # 92311 if you call or use the link that’s provides you the web site address. This way it will let us know if you have signed up or not. Please feel free to call if you need any help.

Your participation is greatly appreciated if you send photos and updates on puppy.  

Injuries that occur after ownership are the sole responsibility of the new owner, these include but not limited to: Puppy is hit, dropped, kicked, stepped on, sat on, ran over, mauled, or which may result in any physical issues, seizures, injured to any minor or major organs, I.E. death, etc.

 •   No guarantee is made as to disposition, color, hair thickness or pet size. 

 •       NO CASH REFUNDS, REPLACEMENT ONLY: High 'N Yorkies reserves the right to cancel the sale of a puppy/dog anytime during the transaction or refuses to sell any yorkie to the buyer. This would be the only time purchaser is granted a full refund of the amount put down.  

 •       If Buyer cannot keep Yorkie for any reason, breeder/seller has the right for first choice or approval of new suitable home. We will discuss terms at such time arises and at no time will the buyer place puppy/dog in a shelter.  

•       All vet bills and transportation are the sole responsibility of the purchaser.  There is a contract on every puppy sold of High 'N and must be signed by both party’s. 

Please make sure to fill out a Yorkie Application on any Yorkie before sending any money and needs approved first. When approved a deposit or money can be sent once it has been agreed on the pet puppy/adult you are receiving. Thank you, Elaine @ High ’N

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!