Gallery of Past Yorkie

These are just some of the past Yorkies

Please enjoy the photos and you may contact us for future yorkies at anytime

They are listed from the earliest to the latest


Dolly our first yorkie

Meet Dolly! Dolly Pardon My Ways
She was our first Yorkshire Terrier that started our breeding program with. She was retried just after having 2 litters and was spayed, she still remains here as our loving pet.

Dolly Pardon My Ways



Traditional Yorkshires

Sweetheart Mel Getson was my first male that I started breeding to. He is Sandra's sire, photos below.


Sweetheart Mel Getson



Elschn's Sweetheart Sandra Bullet

Sandra was Dolly's and Mel Getson's puppy that I kept back. Her hair is blowing in the wind, it may look uncombed here but these are the best photos I have left of her. Taken in 2007

Traditioanal Yorkie

Elschn's Sweetheart Sandra Bullet


Yorkie female

These 2 photos are the same girl taken months apart. She is

still gorgeous either ways. Litter in 2012.

Gorgeous female yorkie


tiny tcup yorkies


These 2 went to forever pet home here in Montana. Thank you Robin for
giving my puppies a good home.


yorkie puppy

The above photo at 8 weeks old. She went to a forever pet home in Montana

pet home yorkies

This male went to a pet home only in Montana! The 2 photos are the same puppy above is at Christmas time, below was just taken around Aug. 2015

sweet face yorkshire


champion sired yorkie





Went to CA!


traditional yorkie

Tiny male went to live in Butte, MT in a forever pet home. He is under 3.5 lbs



Thank you Terry for giving him a good home.

tiny teacup yorkshire male
traditional yorkie

This is Max the same tiny boy as above here. You can see how tiny he still 3.30 lbs at 8 months old Dec. 2015

tcup yorkies