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WELCOME TO HIGH 'N YORKIES (Yorkshire Terriers)

Hello my name is Elaine

We Live in the Beautiful Big Sky Country of Montana!


The most important thing is finding a healthy puppy that will grow into a healthy adult.

Here we strive to breed the best for balance, conformation, coat, color,
a sound mind & body.
Our goal is to breed Great Yorkies for future generations to come!

As you may already know all dog breeds and dogs have different temperaments even in the Yorkies and if you need us, we are here to help you hopefully in choose the right one to fit into your life style.

We love getting photos of our puppies you received from us and how your new member of your family is doing. So you are welcome to drop us a line at anytime.

May your HEART always be in LOVE with Yorkies!

Yorkie Yorkshire

About Us

In the late year of 2006 we got our first Yorkie and they have won our hearts over. It’s been a pleasure to have these little dogs around; they're funny, loving and very smart all wrapped up in a little package! My husband and I are both very happy that we went with this breed. We were raising Shelties and getting into show, which was around the end of 1994. Both of us started having allergies for several years and needed to change to another breed for the Sheltie sheds and were raised in our home. We had to think of what other breed we could raise in our house for we could keep changing up our allergy pills. This was a sad time for both of us, having to lose our family members and placing them in new homes. This was a long thought out processes having to finding something that could live in our home without allergies. Well we found our second love in the Yorkshire Terriers and are happy to say we did.

Since we like taking our dogs with us time-to-time we wanted to get a smaller breed. My husband and I talked about small breeds and we decide on the Yorkshire Terrier. We think you will be too!

We encourage you to take your time looking around. There is lots of information about the Yorkshire Terriers (Yorkies) and you may come back as many times as you like, for there is much to take in all at one time. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have, and will be happy to answer them.

 All our breeders are DNA'ed or will be.

They are sold mostly to pet homes on a spay/neuter contracts. A few are sold for show with breeding rights and you may contact us regarding buying our gorgeous beauties too.

On our puppies we give out information as to proper care for the smaller breed that we feel is good info and encourage you to read books along with the info that is send out. This is sent once you have put a fee down or paid in full.

traditioal show yorkies


Pricing on our puppies as followed: If you have already filled out an application, please feel free to contact us regarding what you asked for. Starting pet prices as of 2016: Boys $1,550/Girls $2000.00

Locals will pay cash only for their Yorkie's, NO checks please However fees can be paid in other methods

Holding fees are $250-500.00, those with fees down on their puppy at a young age (between 1-5 weeks) will pay the starting price for pets only no breeding rights and that this time you still cannot pick out a puppy yet. As the puppy grows and can see their quality the prices will go up for those without holding fees. Pricing depends on pet/breeding quality and size.

Our Tiny ones go for more (under 4 lbs). Many puppies are held back to get a better idea of size and quality. Those puppies will be priced at a later time. If you have a holding fee down for pets, price will stay the same for you, $1550.00 males, $2000.00 females.

For our show potentials we wait until they are around 4 to 6 months and looking for structure, soundness, temperament, size and all around show quality of the dog. Not many of our Yorkies are sold with breeding rights, but if they are we want them to be the best they can be for all of this is important to get good quality breeders for your breeding program. We also offer some of our show potential puppies on contract, feel free to contact us for more info regarding them.

All puppies have dewclaws removed and tails docked unless they are too tiny at birth and at risk of losing the puppy.

Puppies will not leave until they are around 12 weeks old & have at least 1 shot and dewormed.

Retired ones or didn't make our breeding program. This will depend on the age and size for pricing. (Please watch our AVAILABLE page for these too)

When situations change for families and we get a puppy back for they can no longer keep them, the prices depends on the puppy/dog and is also sold on a spay/neuter contract unless altered already.

Please fill out the Yorkie Application for all ages. Fill it out only once and if you do not hear from us within a day or two, contact us about your app. Some people are also contacting us and say they are getting error codes and a place not to submit the app. please contact us ASAP . After it is filled out we will be contacting you shortly of getting your application. At this time if we both agree on you getting one of our puppies a holding fee can be put down on her/him.

Should your home situation change at any time and you’re no longer able to keep your Yorkie please contact us here at HIGH ’N. The Yorkie must be returned to us and we will find a proper home for them (Unless arrangements are made in writing and kept or as to be placed in a new home by you and must have proof of spayed/neutered before replacing and proof sent to High 'N.






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